Fan Faiv

Two of the most boring wines I’ve ever had–I brought the Myglands, the house had the white–same vintage–and expectations abounded. The Aligote not surprising–my mind is just filled with WHY when I see these things. Why. Of all the great inexpensive white wines out there, why drink Aligote? Verdejo. Viognier. Fiano. Sancerre. Pinot Gris. And the looming elephant in the room is of course Petit Chablis. You want great cheap Chablis? Grab a Petit! Vapid and bland–no compelling qualities whatsoever–great acidity but harsh and unfruited muddled down into forgettable. Watery whatever in the glass: I see no reason to desire–or even MAKE–this wine in Chablis. Maybe there’s some sort of glorious historical significance I am missing out on–this is probably only the fourth or fifth one I’ve had in my life–but I don’t have time for wines like this.

Likewise the premiere cru. Soggy, vapid nose: smoky meat and slight barnyard in a cherry wash ripe but thin. NOTHING I want to close my eyes into a glass of Burg here. Give me MORE. More of everything! Petrol-ish and flabby, the mouthfeel sharp with acid and vague mineral while fruit fails to materialize. #burgbro be like IT’S TOO YOUNG! and I get that–and I have more to visit in the coming years. This is day 2 on this wine–and yesterday the review would have been even more un-enthusiastic. I see no beauty in this wine, no elegance, no charming vegetal or funk, garish and angular, the tannins over-powering and un-promising. The whole package is watery junk, devoid of merit.

2017 JOSEPH FAIVELEY Aligote Burgundy
2017 DOMAINE FAIVELEY Pinot Noir Clos des Myglands Monopole Mercurey 1er cru Burgundy 13.0

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