La Shard

Creamy while sharp and light in the nose–bright canary in the glass. Dank tropic wonder fills the bouquet: a wet, loamy, hay-spiced earthiness tipped with ripe citrus and crisper-drawer.

Beautiful and connected on the palate, sweet and ripe, a bit of peppery spice masquerading as heat from generous legs. The fruit as sharp as the color: strawberry and banana and more bruised Meyer lemon. Oak a solid statement, but free-flowing acid and shards of definition keep balance in check. Flat-out yummy Chardonnay, one geeks can pick apart and enjoy but will probably make your mom happy too. This new label is one to watch: remember the Pinot? These are my favorite wines from Edna right now and I don’t think I’ve ever uttered that sentence before.

2020 LA LOMITA Chardonnay Islay Hill Vyd Edna Valley San Luis Obispo Co 13.2

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