Not J/K

This is a bright, lively version of the variety, light legal-pad in the glass and bursting with crispness. A touch of sulpher in the nose on initial blows off readily, exposing honeyed chamomile and poignant vegetal. I’m not saying there isn’t any deep, golden classical touches, but the whole package expresses a near-Chablis or Loire-style brightness.

In the mouth, a tart edge of Granny Smith and flint opens the dry, raspy entry, granting citrus all-access and plumping the floral to extremes. Honestly a bit cold at 56°, but probably just about perfect drinking temperature. Most of you are going to drink this at 40 or less, and I shudder to think how closed-in it will be. Full melon and applesauce over the middle, gradually introducing a mellow sort of tannin to the ensemble. This needs a year to settle down and will drink graciously for the next decade, easy. Stunning Viognier: an example which rarely comes along.

2021 DUSTY NABOR Viognier J+K Vineyard Ballard Canyon Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 12-point-MF-5

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